Church Vision


  1. To be a church home for all people: of every race, age, creed, nationality and origin. A CHURCH THAT REACHES THE COMMUNITY AND THE UNCHURCHED through acts of love, grace and mercy.
  2. To equip the saints to do the work of the ministry through the ministering of the word and witnessing.
  3. To train, instruct and prepare Christians called to ministry and launch them into effective service – Pistis Bible School.
  4. To open an operation blessing centre providing food and clothing services for the poor.
  5. To open satellite sites and churches across major cities in the United Kingdom – including Manchester.
  6. To open rehabilitation centres for the homeless and disadvantaged, providing housing, spiritual restoration, financial, employment and life skills training ending with successful reintegration into society. Whilst we are working towards the fulfillment of this vision we will financially support other ministries and organisations that are committed to this work.
  7. To be an International Ministry starting works across Europe and throughout the African continent.